Inpatient, Outpatient, ED, and HCC

Managing medical coding operations requires being able to quickly adjust when changes in service lines, staff, and technology take place.   CorroHealth has served as a coding partner across all facility and patient types to address:

Elevated DNFB

Coding staffing vacancies

Lacking quality or productivity from existing coding partners

Coding coverage and expertise for service line expansion

Coder productivity dips from technology implementation

CorroHealth Can Help

The CorroHealth team of credentialed coding professionals can help:

CorroHealth Can Help

The CorroHealth team of credentialed coding professionals can help:


quality coding resources


coding turnaround times


appropriate Discharge Not Final Billed and Accounts Receivable balances


coding-related denial


compliance risk

Our coding expertise crosses all encounter types and coding needs including:



Emergency Department


Reduce edits by over 50% in a single month.

Quickly eliminated emergency room backlog; reduced edits from 36K to 10K in a single month; and delivered an overall drop in DNFB by 88% for one client.

Coding Professionals and Coordinated Service Delivery

CorroHealth clients gain more than just access to trusted coding professionals. At CorroHealth, medical coding support includes:

Coordinated service delivery

managed by account directors with HIM leadership experience

Complimentary re-coding of records

with coding-related denials

An established coding quality assurance program

to ensure 95% overall accuracy

Regular reporting

on coder productivity and quality

Productivity standards

by patient type that are tracked and maintained

System specific EHR and CAC

coding expertise



Access a team of 4,000+ Coders


Working 35+ Million records annually with specialization in Inpatient, Outpatient, ED, and HCC coding


Maintaining consistently high marks within the KLAS Outsourced Coding Providers report year-over-year

Autonomous Coding

What would a 600% productivity improvement mean for your coding program?

Investigate Autonomous Coding from CorroHealth »