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Emergency departments and urgent care facilities have unique needs in terms of patient documentation and coding. The complex, fast-paced, and unpredictable nature of these care settings means that finding a system that can keep up is no easy task. Having the right solution is vital, since lacking documentation creates downstream impacts to reimbursement. The need for reliable ambulatory Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) means that healthcare managers should seek out the best partners for a clinical documentation platform. 

CorroHealth’s innovative solution, The T System, is the most trusted solution among healthcare providers in emergency medicine and urgent care. Read on to learn about The T System from CorroHealth, and why it is the best solution for all ED and urgent care documentation. 

The T System Solution from CorroHealth

The T System stands out among all ED documentation and urgent care EMR systems due to the level of expertise that has gone into its development. The T System was designed specifically by clinicians, for clinicians. This documentation solution is used by 26% of all hospitals, emergency departments, and urgent care facilities. For the past seven years, The T System has been rated number one in clinician satisfaction by the Black Book Report, with a standout 10 out of 18 number one rankings among all operational excellence criteria.

How the T System Works

The T System’s unique template construction provides the easiest EMR experience in the hectic world of emergency medicine, without sacrificing quality or efficiency. These templates are complaint-based and correspond to common conditions and symptoms a patient can present with. These specialized ambulatory EMR and urgent care EMR templates all conform to a clinician design standard and are made to fit into a clinician’s natural workflow.

With these templates, clinicians can avoid cumbersome checkboxes and text fields, and instead work with a much more efficient system of backslashes and circles that matches the reliability of traditional pen-on-paper medical records without all the downsides. The T System also allows clinicians to utilize advanced dictation platforms and templated clinical notes when more information is needed in a particular EMR. Additionally, clinicians can use the The T System smart app as an added layer of convenience from directly within leading industry EHRs. 

Key Performance Indicators

Thanks to its exceptional combination of efficiency and accuracy, The T System improves per-patient revenues by an average of $220. Comprehensive capture of documentation in the platform also reduces denied claims and helps eliminate down coding, which ensures that all hospitals and urgent care centers receive appropriate compensation for each patient. 

The T System is interoperable with all Hospital Information Systems (HISs) and boasts a return on investment in as little as six months. 



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