Autonomous Coding Solutions for Critical Issues

CorroHealth offers a cloud-based solution to significantly reduce and eliminate labor-intensive and error-prone tasks involved in Health Information Management (HIM). The CorroHealth autonomous coding solution automates all aspects of the workflow across coding and charge capture.

Some of the things autonomous coding addresses

Limited Access to Quality Coders

Ongoing shortages in coding professionals have made healthcare provider organizations increasingly reliant on automated coding solutions. Autonomous coding creates a highly accurate final coded chart for a large majority of records. Intelligent coding automation technology can code charts within seconds and understand when human intervention is necessary. Improving the productivity of coding operations with automation helps address limited access to key coding professionals.

Seasonal Variation in Demand for Coders

Fluctuations in patient volumes can create significant spikes in coding workload. With automation, you can address these increases in demand easier. Typical patient volume spikes without proper plans to address them lead to increased Accounts Receivable.

Quality Issues From Inexperienced Coders

Inaccuracies in medical coding and billing can cost a successful healthcare organization its reputation and billions of dollars. Coders that lack the knowledge necessary to assign the correct codes can negatively impact a code assignment and lead to investigations or audits. Autonomous coding is a cost-effective way to reduce errors and low-quality performance from inexperienced coders.

Elevated Turnaround Time for Coding and Charge Capture

Timing is one of the more important factors in revenue cycle management. Autonomous coding optimizes turnaround time in a critical step of the full cycle.

Reduced Coding Backlog and Its Impact on DNFB and Cashflow

The revenue cycle is constantly under the microscope to address areas, teams, or processes holding up dropped claims. If documentation gaps occur or bills remain incomplete due to coding issues, discharged, not final billed (DNFB) cases become the focus of revenue cycle leadership. Unmanageable DNFB caseloads with backlogs representing several days of revenue can become significant and unsustainable for a hospital. Automating this process can ease some of the stress of these ongoing challenges for coding staff.

Continued Budgetary Restrictions for Coding Support and Staff

Budgetary cuts in the Health Information Management department often mean existing team members stretched across multiple areas of responsibility. Automating labor-intensive processes gives more freedom to skilled professionals who are wasting their time on basic tasks.

Why the CorroHealth Autonomous Coding Solution?

Beyond historic CAC (computer-assisted coding) and NLP (natural language processing) solutions, CorroHealth offers knowledge-based artificial intelligence (AI) customized to the unique needs of each client.

NLP elevates to the next level with clinical concept extraction designed to generate clinical metadata. This metadata classifies clinical semantics and determines the relationship among clinical concepts. With clinical concepts properly applied, charges and codes autonomously derive from the solution utilizing facility-tailored rules processing and learning engines. The small percentage that does not meet the confidence threshold of the platform gets routed to appropriate coding professionals for finalization.

The advanced CorroHealth solution means:

Up to 25% Gross Revenue Improvement
Up to 700% coder productivity improvement
Auditability and transparency with extensive reporting and analytics

Expanding the Reach of Automation

The CorroHealth autonomous coding solution extends beyond existing rudimentary coding automation platforms. The solution automates the application of charges, CPTs, HCPCs, Diagnoses, and E/M levels.

Across hospitals, clinics, urgent care, radiology, and physician practices, CorroHealth delivers significant impacts to coding operations in the following areas:


E&M Coding

Diagnostic Coding

Procedure Coding

Medication Admin. Coding



Order Matching

Diagnosis Coding

Procedure Coding

Medical Necessity

Quality Measures


E&M Coding

Diagnostic Coding

Procedure Coding

Performance Metrics




Clinical Documentation & Coding

Data & Analytics

Physician Advisors
Regulatory Compliance

Utilization Management


Coding Automation

Outsourced Coding

HCC Coding & HEDIS Abstraction
Auditing & Compliance


PARA Data Editor

NSA Co-Provider Portal

Small Balance AR
Zero Balance
Transfer DRG

AR Workflow

Contract Management


Ambulatory EMR


CorroHealth is the leading provider of clinically led healthcare analytics and technology-driven solutions dedicated to positively impacting the financial performance of hospitals and health systems. With more than 8,500 employees worldwide, CorroHealth delivers integrated solutions, proven expertise, intelligent technology, and scalability to address needs across the entire revenue cycle.





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