Transfer DRG Solutions

Transfer DRGs are one of the more common sources of lost revenue for hospitals. In many cases, transfer DRGs can result in incorrect payment reductions, leading to an overall loss in hospital revenue. This occurs when a patient’s discharge status code does not reflect their post-acute care.

While the loss from a single transfer DRG may be small, these cases can accumulate into millions of dollars in lost revenue per year for a single hospital. To avoid these losses, hospitals need to partner with knowledgeable teams for transfer DRG recovery. Read on to learn how CorroHealth offers industry-leading transfer DRG solutions that can recover millions of dollars for hospitals each year.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Transfer DRG Reviews

One of the main reasons why transfer DRGs are such a troublesome source of revenue loss is that they often occur due to factors beyond a hospital’s control. In many cases, patients do not receive their planned post-acute care due to a failure on their part to comply or follow up with initial care plans.

Though this is not the fault of the hospital or medical provider, Medicare and Medicare Advantage often use these instances as grounds for imposing illegitimate reductions in payment. Since reviewing these payment reductions is often time- and resource-consuming, hospitals usually do not have the means to pursue such reviews on their end. For this reason, partnering with an experienced transfer DRG review service like CorroHealth is essential for recovering lost revenue.

Why CorroHealth Is the Industry Leader for Transfer DRG Solutions

CorroHealth offers the industry’s best outsourced solutions for improper payment reductions due to transfer DRGs. With our contingency-based solution, we can focus the time and resources needed to challenge improper payments from payers working with Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems. We also utilize innovative proprietary algorithms to identify potential areas for recovering payments lost due to transfer DRGs. As a result, CorroHealth can verify that necessary post-acute treatments occurred, identify improper Medicare payment reductions, and deliver lost revenue.

Ready to Get Started?

CorroHealth’s team has experience working on transfer DRG solutions with hospitals across the country, from Hawaii to the East Coast. We have recovered as much as $1.1 million in revenue lost from improper transfer DRG payment reductions for a single client in the first year alone. We also have an industry-leading track record of delivering these lost revenue returns to both large hospital chains and stand-alone hospitals or medical practices.

If your hospital or medical practice is facing improper transfer DRG payment reductions, you don’t need to spend your own time and resources trying to recover it. Schedule a call with CorroHealth for an initial review to determine your target ROI and start the process of reclaiming lost revenue today!



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