The CorroHealth approach

by | Mar 26, 2021

Through the solution offerings available at CorroHealth, we have developed “The CorroHealth Approach“. This is a 5 point process that walks through the quality, commitment, project management, and enablement that goes into a CorroHealth partnership.

Breadth and Depth

Our team is comprised of 3,500+ professionals who maintain credentials related to their respective field and hold experience across all health system specialties and health plan types.

Embedded Quality

Within each solution, a thorough quality assurance program is in place to review the work product of each team member delivering on stringent accuracy goals.

Strategically Focused Teams

Teams are deployed based on background and experience related to client technology environments, payor knowledge, health system experience, and project goals. Pairing the appropriate teams to a client’s unique mix of these factors is critical to solution success.

Centralized Project Management

Proven U.S. based management teams combined with domestic and global professionals create proper balance and scale.  All team members, both domestic and global, are managed by a domestic team that includes Client Management and Auditors.  This maintains all communication through domestic Client Managers and Supervisors regardless of resources deployed.

Leading Technology & Enablement

Within both Coding and Revenue Cycle Management, CorroHealth utilizes workflow and documentation solutions that create efficiencies and impact to client’s financial health goals. The same Advanced Coding Solution our team utilizes in client engagements is made available for use by client coding staff. This solution supports a resource-based methodology for charge capture and coding that delivers an average $200+ per encounter improvement.

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