Learn our ethos

Our Team DNA

We are United

  • We come together, daily
  • We have the brightest minds
  • We share formidable knowledge
  • We celebrate our shared success

We are Partners

  • Deliver results
  • Earn trust
  • Dive in and serve as expert advisors

We are Drivers

  • Open minded
  • Boldly energetic
  • Seeking new solutions
  • Refuse complacency

We are Proud

  • Believe in our work
  • Engaged, exceptional team members propel us forward

Our Purpose

Our core purpose is to help you exceed your financial health goals. Across the reimbursement cycle, our scalable solutions and clinical expertise help solve programmatic needs. Enabling our skilled domestic and global teams with leading technology allows analytics to guide our solutions and keeps us accountable to your goals. For both health systems and plans, we navigate regulatory and compliance complexities, ease physician burdens and improve financial outcomes. We consistently deliver the right solutions at the right time.