NSA (No Surprises Act) Solution

The Comprehensive Solution for NSA

To advise and protect Patients from unexpected healthcare costs, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has updated the No Surprises Act (NSA) for 2023, building on the base of NSA 2022 and the 2021 price transparency rule. The latest installment of the No Surprises Act stipulates that affiliated co-providers will be responsible for producing their own Good Faith Estimates (GFEs) for the uninsured or to be included with the Notice and Consents (NAC) for insured patients. Convening providers must combine the GFEs produced by affiliated co-providers into a consolidated GFE for patients.

What Does This Mean?

The updated NSA means that convening providers and affiliated co-providers will be close partners in compliance. Unfortunately, since the initiation of the NSA, co-providers have not faced consistent regulatory scrutiny, and responsibility has fallen to convening providers (hospitals) to comply. As a result, the legal requirements of the NSA are widely unknown by co-providers — and the few who know have received leniency for so long that they have little reason to believe enforcement will come.

Due to CMS having specific and ever-evolving requirements for compliant information and its presentation, healthcare providers need a dedicated team with regulatory expertise to ensure they are compliant. Additionally, the NSA calls for the production of NACs in addition to GFEs, creating additional work for convening partners and a lot of catch-up work for co-providers. This regulation means that, more than ever, convening partners and affiliated co-providers will need to communicate and work together.

Here’s How We Can Help

CorroHealth has developed an NSA solution that creates customized GFEs and provides a central location for required documents. We simplify the logistics and communication between overburdened healthcare providers with a central location to create compliant documents. Our NSA solution:

Allows convening providers to collectively build a GFE — regardless of their relationship with co-providers

Delivers GFEs directly to patients

Allows for the creation of a co-provider GFE for the inclusion in the NAC when the out-of-network co-provider chooses to balance bill a patient

These days, patients are looking to shop for healthcare much as they shop for consumer goods. Our No Surprises Act solution is a cost-effective way for health providers to automate the calculations needed to offer this patient-friendly option and remain compliant with the price transparency/NSA mandates in the future.

Let CorroHealth’s NSA (No Surprises Act) Solution Make Compliance Easy

A hospital with a 10,000-line chargemaster, seven patient types, and twenty payer contracts would require up to 1.4 million calculations to simply meet the price transparency mandates of 2020. The comprehensive solution from CorroHealth addresses this detailed process in addition to the NSA complexities of 2022 and 2023 regulations. With CorroHealth, you provide a compliant solution to convening and co-providers with an easy-to-use process to select services and create GFEs and NACs within minutes, meeting the one business day turnaround required by CMS under the rule.

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