HIMSS, The Great Resignation, and Overcoming Staffing Challenges

by | Jun 1, 2022

The first quarter of 2022 was a whirlwind in our industry. There was an influx in national and regional shows (or family reunions, for some that have missed their industry colleagues), consistent conversations about staffing shortages, and the shroud of darkness that is “The Great Resignation” which continues to cause complications in programs reliant upon staff across the Untied States.

At #HIMSS22, and every week since the national HIMSS show, we have had conversation around staff augmentation assistance, and the use of tech enabled services that allow facilities to breathe and feel confident in their ability to do more with less. I had the opportunity to visit with 4 different subject matter experts in different segments of the industry about the impact they are feeling from the great resignation and how they are seeing it impact the revenue cycle. It was one of the more insightful episodes of Coffee with Corro, and worth a listen. One segment of the interview is with Grace Vinton (@HITeaWithGrace on Twitter). She specifically discusses the compounding effects of the great resignation, the toll COVID has taken on our industry, physician burnout, and how all of this is happening during a push to remote work environments. Check it out:

Also at HIMMS, Greg Goodale (VP of Marketing) and Jason Barnhouse (National Director of Enterprise Solutions) sat down with Colin Hung (HealthcareIT Today) to discuss how AI can help can bring relief to the staffing challenges we are facing. Specifically, they discuss overcoming shortfalls that are occurring in revenue cycle management. As I am sitting here writing this blog, I was tagged in a tweet that perfectly encompasses the importance of both rectifying the staffing issue, as well as knowing and trusting the positive impact that AI solutions can have on your workers, programs, facilities, and overall RCM processes. Joe Desiderio stated here, https://twitter.com/JoeDesiderio/status/1529867282016616448, that it is not just “Or staff”, or “Or AI”, but it is #AndNotOr.

Like the article and interview states, the solution to the great resignation is not “just more staff” or “just add AI and tech solutions”, but it’s the adaptation of the two and educating teams about the importance of both working well together. Thus, #AndNotOr. Take a look at the article and give the interview a listen:

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