Healthcare IT Today: Autonomous Coding

by | Dec 21, 2021

In a recent interview with Healthcare IT Today, Neal Somaney, EVP at CorroHealth, met with Colin Hung to discuss the latest advances in autonomous coding. The premise of the interview, as stated by Colin Hung is that “The digitization of health records coupled with the increasing capability of Natural Language Processing has made autonomous coding possible. The main benefit of this technology is not the potential cost reductions, but rather the potential improvement in revenue that it brings.”

The full interview is worth the watch. Over a span of about 15 minutes, Neal and Colin break down the entry points of medical coding, the benefits (both in revenue and productivity) of autonomous coding, the impact that autonomous coding software has on the role of coding specialists, and the gaining traction that is occurring in the world of autonomous healthcare solutions.

The interview will also provide you with information on:

  • What we are currently working on, and working on next
  • Why reaching an inflection point with EHRs was necessary for the rise of autonomous coding
  • The impact that ICD-10 had on coding specialists and the technologies that support them

“By applying special Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms developed in-house we can automate the charge capture part of the process,” Somaney said in an interview with Healthcare IT Today. “We can also derive the ICD codes which can go straight into an organization’s billing system.”

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