Enabling your Department – AI for CDI

by | Apr 9, 2021

CDI programs are primarily built around correcting and improving the documentation process to support care delivered in healthcare facilities. It seems that the more we audit, or query, the more that professionals are starting to rely on the “being told that something just isn’t right” type vernacular. The reality is, the key struggle is changing physician habits.

Over the course of CDI in healthcare, we have focused on increasing access to education:

  • Hijacked grand rounds and catered meals to reduce the cost and increase the appeal
  • Leveraged LMS (Learning Management Systems) to access education on their terms
  • Sent out a plethora of FYI emails with attached one-pagers full of tips

All these things were done in an attempt to close gaps in CDI performance, but the reality is, when competing for time among very busy professionals, you must be personalized and prescriptive to meaningfully impact behavior.

AI for CDI

This is where AI for CDI comes into play. The AI for CDI service collects data and detects statistically significant individualized trends related to clinical documentation performance. Bringing together guidelines, with peer-to-peer knowledge sharing from those physicians that are “getting it right” and leveraging tech to meaningfully engage physicians. These testimonial algorithms are where AI for CDI can be significant. From here, reviews are analyzed to not only provide meaningful education that is tailored directly to the provider, but this also opens up opportunity for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through documenting “tips and tricks”

Some tools that are intertwined in our AI for CDI offering that bring it immediate value are that it:

  • Targets top 1-2 issues individually, producing the greatest cumulative impact for the organization
  • Training includes documentation details specific to their patients, without containing PHI
  • Easily consumed from any device 3-5 minutes at a time
  • Full tracking to measure and validate dose-dependent and time-dependent impact

CDI Anecdote

No tailor ever tailored a single suit to the entire wedding party, they tailor a suit specific to the groom or party member, specific to their build and make-up. AI for CDI accomplishes the same thing. It takes the way that the individual operationalizes, it thinks ahead of the habits of the individual, and it allows for CDI betterment and education throughout the documentation process. This is the lens that we should view CDI and our departments through.

If you have any questions or want to process through the way AI for CDI can be enabled in your department, contact us, or email us.