Advanced Coding Solution (ACS)

An all health system, clinic, or practice solution

The Advanced Coding System (ACS) from CorroHealth identifies clinical documentation improvements, ensures coding compliance, and proactively manages payer integrity. Created by a team of physicians, nurses, and credentialed coders with extensive experience in charge management, ACS helps clients:

  • Achieve greater compliance with CMS guidelines
  • Increase accuracy in charge capture and reduce chart turnaround time
  • Substantially increase defensible net revenue

A Solution for Hospitals, Clinics, Urgent Care and Physician Practices

Innovative 5-Stage Workflow Including:

Monitoring of charts by client management staff
Interactive real-time chart status views

Past and Current Charge Comparison

With facility determined filter criteria for comparison monthly, quarterly, or annually

Key Solution Components

  • Pre-bill Auditing Assessments – covering E/M, Procedures, Infusions/Injections and Diagnosis
  • Custom Algorithms – designed for E/M Facility, Professional fee coding and anesthesia services
  • Infusion and Injection Calculator – creating precision in charging complex therapies, including chemotherapy
  • Denial Management Workflow Tracking
  • CPT Directory – including modifier edits
  • Diagnosis Encoder – with age, gender, national, and local coverage determination edits
  • Observation Calculator – capable of subtracting monitored procedures

Our Methodology

While ACS can be tailored to fit client specific methodologies, the solution is built to support a proprietary resource-based methodology. The CorroHealth methodology with ACS accounts solely for the resources expended during patient care in the Emergency Department. A Cumulative score is calculated based on the types of resources provided and patient acuity. A built-in tiered approach for resource allocation allows for accurate representation across complex scenarios.

Robust Business Intelligence

A robust set of reporting tools are provided within ACS. These interactive reports and dashboards provide:

  • Trend tracking
  • Actionable insights from complex data with interactive BI
  • E/M Level of Service analysis for both facility and professional
  • Comprehensive monthly revenue of charts completed
  • ROI and education opportunities for providers and nurses
  • Provider documentation revenue improvement analysis
  • Physician RVU
  • Infusion and Injection No-Stop time revenue opportunity analysis

The ACS methodology supports:

  • Consistency
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Accurate value representation of resources utilized in the ED
  • Alignment with CMS 11 guiding principles
  • Audit trails and compliance
  • User friendly design

Delivered Per Chart Improvement from ACS


Critical Access Hospitals


Children’s Hospitals


Health Systems


Short Term Acute Care Hospitals