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T-System, a CorroHealth Company, Launches the App Showcase

Dallas, TX, October 22, 2020 – T-System, a CorroHealth company, is launching the App Showcase highlighting complementary solutions to their Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) platform. Fully vetted applications across various areas of the healthcare information technology space are within the showcase.

The T-System App Showcase presents solutions that build on the T-System EDIS platform. Users of the T-System EDIS can review details of these complementary applications and request more information on solutions directly from the new site.

T-System takes each App Showcase solution through a stringent application vetting process to help ensure listed applications will work as described with the T-System EDIS. This process includes vetting of the technology related to security and the T-System API. In addition, each solution on the showcase is also reviewed for viability as a valuable solution for T-System users.

“Over a quarter of Hospitals, Freestanding Emergency Departments & Urgent Cares in the United States utilize the T-System. These organizations turn to us regularly wanting to know the additional solutions we recommend in various areas”, stated Dr. Robert Hitchcock, M.D., FACEP, Executive Vice President and General Manager for the T-System. “The T-System App Showcase came out of the demand of our clients to have a more organized approach to access vetted, and proven solutions that complement our EDIS.”

15 applications are already vetted and available on the T-System App Showcase. Additional solution providers are already engaged with the vetting process and expect to join the showcase in the coming months.

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About The T-System

T-System, a CorroHealth company, is a healthcare IT company that advances care delivery and financial outcomes for episodic care. Specializing in emergency department documentation since 1996, T-System has since expanded its focus to include the development of innovative solutions for the rapidly expanding episode-based care market, including hospital-based emergency departments (EDs), freestanding emergency centers and urgent care centers. Today, our company continues to innovate by leveraging a strong team of industry experts who lead our clinically-driven services and documentation solutions as well as charge capture and coding solutions that serve 23 percent of the nation’s hospital-based emergency departments (EDs), freestanding emergency centers and urgent care centers.

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Our core purpose is to help you exceed your financial health goals. Across the reimbursement cycle, our scalable programs and clinical expertise help solve programmatic needs. Enabling our skilled domestic and global teams with leading technology allows analytics to guide our solutions and keeps us accountable to your goals. For both health systems and plans, we navigate regulatory and compliance complexities, ease physician burdens and improve financial outcomes. We consistently deliver the right solutions at the right time.

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