AI Powered Behavior Change

by | Aug 20, 2021

The CorroClarity Product Discussed by Dr. Jimenez

Dr Andres Jimenez, CorroHealth Chief Medical Information Officer, was recently interviewed by Colin Hung / Healthcare IT Today to discuss AI Powered Behavior change. As we advance in the industry, we continue to learn that behavior change is not just for patients, but should also be focused on clinicians, physicians, and others that have necessitated time consumptions due to documentation. Traditionally our habits and programmatics have been consistent in that there is a process, and it is not generally strayed from, but in this interview Dr. Jimenez takes the opportunity to discuss how we can beneficially break the mold and significantly free up professional resources with the use of tech enabled offerings.

As a part of the interview, Dr. Jimenez provided the following feedback:

“We’ve had one model for behavior change in healthcare that has worked for a long time,” explained Dr. Jimenez. “It’s the apprentice model – see one, do one, teach one. We have used it for decades. The knee jerk reaction to behavior change in healthcare is to just provide one-size-fits-all training.”

“We have to step away from the old paradigm,” said Dr. Jimenez. “We need to move past digital lectures. With the advances we have made in technology, we can literally wipe the slate clean and build something that will actually change behavior.”

Watch the full interview with Dr. Jimenez to learn more about:

  • How early automobile designs mirror the current way we teach new behaviors (or try to)
  • How AI coupled with CDI and Rev Cycle data could predict areas of improvement
  • Practical steps that a healthcare organization can take to change behavior

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