Healthcare IT Today : AI and Automation in RCM is All About Balance

by | Jan 29, 2022

The last 2 years, in the midst of a pandemic and through the process of a merger and multiple acquisitions, has brought CorroHealth to a place where we sit at the center of the revenue cycle revolution. A recent interview with Healthcare IT Today gave us the ability to discuss this placement, while also discuss that it is our goal to help healthcare organizations accomplish more with less. If we had to declare a mantra for 2022, it would simply be “Do More with Less”.

The journey started through the merger of 4 RCM companies in our space:

  • TrustHCS
  • Visionary RCM
  • The T System
  • RevCycle+

While the pandemic was causing uncertainty throughout the world, chaos in our healthcare facilities, and casting a dark cloud over our existing RCM processes, these organizations were collaborating, creating, and planning the entrance of CorroHealth into the revenue cycle arena. We were able to maintain consistency in our relationships and practices, support through the challenge that was the beginning of the pandemic and plan the unified front that was the launch of CorroHealth in October of 2020.

Since then, we have been able to expand and round out our solution sets with the acquisition of these 3 companies:

  • Versalus Health
  • TCP Services and Analytics
  • Medical Savant

As Pat Leonard stated in the interview, “We’re definitely much bigger now and much better positioned in the market; Together these seven entities have forged a cohesive culture that is centered around a simple ethos: “Do more with less”.”

The “Do More with Less” concept has been mentioned a couple times so far. Here is what we mean:

The combination of these organizations and their skill sets allows us to take on more:

– Complex Care
– Adherence to Regulations
– Detailed Reporting

The with less aspect means that we can do these things with less:

  • Margin
  • Time
  • People

This brings us to the fact that the integration of AI and Automation into RCM is all about balance.

The interview truly brings this whole concept full circle. Take a look here:

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